South American Enchantment

The very title says it all – ENCHANTMENT.sa_enchantment_t
Once more I travel on the trails of history through South America. Experiencing the Witches Markets in La Paz Bolivia was just the beginning. Onward and forward to the Inca Trails, and days of trek­king up to Machu Picchu. I began this journey down the mighty Amazon, starting from Iquitos, Peru through the jungles of Manaus, to the coast of Brazil. I expe­rienced a Condomble ceremony in Salvador before the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro welcomed me back with all that the city is famous for.

Setting out with my backpack, I started the journey alone but was always surrounded by wonderful people that befriended me on this great continent. I learnt how the Uros Indians built their floating islands and joined in the protest marches in Iquitos, Peru and La Paz, Bolivia. I shared in the fun with the locals sailing the ferries down the Amazon and the carnival in Manaus.

” Life is a journey, not a destination” is a truism for this traveler.

South American Enchantment

by Robert F. Edwards

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